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Pre-registration is required for all exams. In order to be considered eligible for employment with the participating agencies you must participate in the exam process administered by Morrow & Associates. The participating agencies do not hire outside of this program. Candidates must submit a valid registration packet during the open registration period in order to be eligible to test.

Candidates must meet the following in order to be registered for the exam process:

1. Minimum qualifications apply. Candidates must meet the minimum qualifications in order to be placed on the agency's hiring list. For information on the minimum qualifications,pdf format click here.

2. Candidates must submit a valid and complete registration packet, including payment of the registration fee, on or before the closing date. Registration fees apply.

The interest notification form on our website is not a valid registration packet.


Registration is easy and convenient. To register for the exam process, follow these easy steps:

1. Download the PDF Registration Packet [CLICK HERE] . Complete the packet as directed. Once completed, send the packet and the registration fee to Morrow & Associates, 16707 Q Street, Suite 2A, Omaha, NE 68135. (Do not send cash by mail.), OR;

2. Register in person at Morrow & Associates, 16707 Q Street, Suite 2A. You will find a kiosk in the reception lobby with all materials needed for registration. Office hours are varied and held by part-time staff. Click here for directions. *Appointments are required if additional assistance is needed. Call (402) 330-1019 for an appointment, or email

Morrow's office does not automatically send confirmation that your registration packet has been received. This is the sole responsibility of the candidate. Once the registration closing date arrives, all registered candidates will receive further details on the exam schedule and location within 7-10 days of the closing date.

For registration open/closing dates and exam dates, click here

Morrow & Associates reserves the right to modify, change, add or remove any information pertaining to date, times or locations.


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